Nadina Thelen was born in the 80s with the newest issue of Vogue in her lap. Since then she has had a sixth sense for discovering upcoming trends. Instead of nourtoring her natural talents by choosing the classical educational approach she decided to learn by directly assisting professional Make-up Artists all over Europe.  She continued her education taking a hairdressing apprenticeship and working for some of the industries most well known institutions such as Toni&Guy and Sassoon. This experience allowed her the opportunity to sharpen her hair coloring and styling skills. Since 2010 she works in close cooperation with AVEDA. In 2015 Nadina won the prestigious Global AVEDA Fashonista Award for her work.

It is through direct observation of this arts finite details, paired with the freedom to develop her own creative process, that she has become the accomplished professional she is today. Nadinas current work is focused on commercial and creative shoots for film and print as well as her biannual participation in Berlin and New York Fashion Weeks.